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My Up With People

Well, it really hasn't started yet, but I hope it will soon, when they were here I went to the interview and Valerie (the lady who interviewed me) said I had 'excellent potential' which I think is a good sign, wouldn't you say so? I am so excited, I just hafta send in my second application form. I signed up for July 2000, so if anyone else out there did to, please e-mail me! :) Thanks to the entire cast of the group that came to Squamish. You all inspired me to join! Your rock... especially Cher... your a cool cat and I hope we can get together sometime. Your awesome. Love ya babe!

There'd Be A Lot Less People To Worry About and a Lot More People Who Care...

I first saw Up With People on June 26, 1998. I met Kris Crates and Jessica Peshek a few weeks before the cast got here (Squamish,) and they were definitley some of the coolest people I have ever met, if your reading this Kris and Jess I love you two and hope you come for a visit soon! Anyways, the cast arrived and helped us gut the new youth centre, that was a lot of work and dust, but thanks for all the help guys and gals! Then I went and set up the chairs for them. Another fun thing. I got to meet some of them, and they are all so nice...!!! Then I got to see their show, "The Festival," it was great. I bought the CD and a program, would've bought more if I had the money! Anyways, then I went to see the final show ever, not only for this company but for this show, it was a very emotional experiance for not only the audience but also for the cast, we lit sparklers for them and there were many tears, hugs and kisses exchanged. This cast was definitley extraordinary. They were cool. In case you were wondering it was Cast B!

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