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The Cast

    Will Thompson
    Brenna Burvil
    Nicole Fowler
    The Voice
    Amy Clarkson
    Todd Berry
    Judy Swens
    Jacob Wagner
    Voice #1
    Liz Carrico
    Voice #2
    Ashley Craig
    Voice #3
    Kristen McBride
    Ryan Cook
    Heather Clarkson
    Dana LaForest
    Natalie Lake
    Raelene Pino

Bye Bye Birdie
Crazy For You

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This Is A Test...

My experience with, "This Is A Test," was that I was the director! :) Yay for me... anyways- this was an amazingly put together show... (nudge, nudge, wink wink!) and it was a lot of fun to do! Below you will find out all about the plot and such, and to your left you can see a cast list. I have also included some pics of the cast! This is a Test was my fourth show that I have directed, and it was an experience. A cast of 15 is not an easy thing to take care of! :) Especially with such a rowdy bunch, but I must admit, they were a fun group to work with! In the picture section I have included little quotes and "inside" jokes, but besides that, I want to say thanks to everyone who came to see it & to the awesome cast & crew! You all RAWK!

The Plot

Well, the plot in, "This Is A Test," is quite complicated. It begins with Alan and Lois. The pair have a big midterm test and Lois, who studied quite well the night before and Alan, who didn't at all. When Lois tells him to think of something else, a popular drama exercise pops into his head, mainly, "This is a pen," "a what?" "a pen." "OH! A pen..." as this is going through his head, Ms. Williams enters and tells the kids not to think of this as a test, but more like their future... the game continues through Alan's head, the true or false section consists of one word questions... ie. Athens. True or False?, a musical number erupts in his classroom (not in the original script, I added it for posterity!) and a parade comes through his classroom... at the height of his anxiety, his mother comes in to let him know he's been accepted to Majestica University, only to be woken up by his teacher and told, "he only has three minutes left." When he finally gets to questions he knows (Hallelujah!) his paper is snatched away... then the teacher lets him know that this test isn't just a test, it's going to count as their final exam!


With these photos you'll have to click back to get back here, I am way too lazy to make a seperate page for each!