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South Park

South Park is an animated television show that is absoloutley hilarious! For those of you who have seen it, you know exactly what I am talking about. It is one of the funniest animated shows to come along in a long time. It involves four kids in a small town called, imagine this, South Park! :) If you have a chance to tune into this show, please do! I am pretty sure you'll enjoy it!

The   South   Park   Gang

Eric Cartman (alias "fat ass"), claims he's just big boned, loves to eat Cheesy Poofs

Stan Marsh- The leader of the group, pukes whenever he talks to Wendy Testaburger

Kyle- Little Jewish kid, Ike's big brother, If you kill Kenny he'll call you a bastard

Kenny- Talks in a muffled voice because of his hood, very perverted, dies every episode and gets dragged away by rats

Chef- The school lunchroom chef, likes to help his "little crackers" with their problems, always pimps with the ladies

Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat- A Teacher at school with a split personality that belongs to a sock puppet, "Mr. Hat"

Jesus- Has a cable tv show called "Jesus and Pals", wrestled with Santa in The Spirit of Christmas

Ike- Kyle's little brother, a necessary part of playing "Kick the Baby"

Officer Barbrady- A police officer, the motto on his car reads "To patronize and annoy"

Mrs. Cartman- Eric's mom who is always ready to feed him, but tells him that he's big boned

Uncle Jimbo- Stan's Uncle, owner of the local gun store

Wendy Testaburger- The girl who likes Stan, and always end up getting puked on

Mrs. Crabtree- The school bus driver who loves to yell and is a little hard of hearing.

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