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Sha Boo Boo... Sha Bang Bang...

Sha Boo Boo is a cool person. She rocks. She is really Shalvenie, 17, from Squamish, BC. Part-Time McWorker and Full Time Friend of Yours Truly!

Well, what can I say about Shalvenie? She's one of those truly great people who can just sit around with and laugh with for hours, and about nothing! Shal and I have been friends since grade 8, but only got to know each other really well through a couple of different things such as Explorations class, remember our "internet"?, Skin, she played Mrs. Lizard in a play I directed! We've also had some fun time in English class *ACHOO* and all the fun with a certain someone else sitting right beside us ;) Shal and I have, of course, had some fun times outside of school too! I can never forget her sister's brithday party. We watched Jerry Springer's Too Hot For TV, tits much? I have never seen so many hootas in my life! :) Also, we checked out some very... ahem ... interesting pages on the internet, and if you wanna know what I am talking about you're gonna hafta ask her, 'caise I ain't talking about it on my page! Of course we go for drives all the time too! More great times Shal and I have had are a certain internet chat with Heavie_Evie... hehe Shal, how's the wallpaper? And what about the Grizzlies game? All I gotta say is CHILCUTT! :) hahaha! We've had so many great times, and there are so many still to come! :) You rock Shal, I love you as like a bestest friend! :) YOU RAWK! hehe... Love ya babe!


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