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From Drunks to Hoochies to Lesbians, Stardust had it All! :)

Well, one evening in September about 20 Rainbowers from all generations (well, not really) went to Stardust roller rink to roller skate, and it was a blast! :) The evening started with the ritual making fun of the local hoochies as well as the ninety year old men who were hitting on the 13 year old hoochies!!! FUN FUN FUN! :) What can I say? Like in all honesty...? I had a blast rollerskating with everyone from camp! :) It was great that Emily and Jen came down from Summerland too! :) :) :) The "real fun" came on the way home when a bunch of us piled onto the SkyTrain and got chased off by not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different drunks! But, we did make a new friend, Kristy... :) Anyhoo, it was a great and fun night... :)

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