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Now my life is Rosie... for those of you who know me you know what I think of Rosie, for those of you who don't let me tell ya, I LOVE HER! She rocks, but this site is about her show, not her... to see what I think about her you'll hafta check out my Rosie Page. Now, as for her show what I like about it so much is that I live in a town where there is not that many musicals that come, at least not the big Broadway ones that are currently playing. I can watch Rosie's Show and see such greats as The Lion King, Ragtime, Chicago and Titanic. I think that is cool. I also love that watching her show is like sitting down for lemonade with her, she talks to me as if we were having a two person conversation in real-life, not through a television screen... and that my friends, is why I love her show.

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