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Rosemary... the Perkiest Gal I Know!

Rosemary was fed up with me not updating her part, so I am right now!!! :) Rosemary and I have been through SO much in our lives, like nothing romantic or anything, but still... :) We've been to countless conferences, from the Nationals to rinky-dink ones... :) hehe... She's my confrence buddy! :) I also spend tons of time at Rosemary's house... in fact I am at her house right now!!! :) So, if that says anything!!! :) Hehe... but seriously Rosemary is one of the greatest friends a person could have... and I am so thankful that I know her. When I am in a bad mood she always is there to remind me that, "a frown is just a lazy smile!" She always has great quotes, and I love the fact that she is so great!!! :) To see a picture of Rosemary you can click here!

Rosemary is another one of those great people you just hafta know. There's some people out there who may think she is a 'downer', but that is only 'cause you don't know her. From her self-motivation seminars to her constant remindings such as "If you don't wake up with a smile, you can always practice for tommorow" she is an all-around great person. Like all the other people here in my friend's section Rosemary and I have had some funky times together. One such time came at our 4 day trip to Gibsons, BC when we went to the British Columbia Youth Police Network Training Symposium, sounds dull, eh? Well, guess what? IT WASN'T!!! We met tons of fun people there. In September Rosemary and I will be travelling to Kamloops and all over BC for the Canadian National Leadership Confrence. It should be a blast as we both get to be "Bus Monitors" ha ha ha! They are trusting us with young minds... ha ha ha!!! :) Oh yes, Rosemary likes to laugh a lot, and I sleep over at her house quite a bit and stay up until all hours of the night on the internet. Our favourite Super Nintendo game is SimCity!


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