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I Know What You Did Last Summer!

That was the theme of the Camp Rainbow 1999 Fall Retreat, organized by myself and Bill Davis. It was held November 5, 6 & 7 at Camp Moorecroft in Nanoose Bay, BC. It was a blast. We had participants from both summer basic camps, as well as last years advanced (1999.) It was a great time... I had a particularly good time, because I knew everything that was going on. It was great to see so many of the people that really touched my heart this summer. I loved seeing everyone! :) Here's some inside jokes about the weekend!

  • Got Beef? Got Rice? Got Crack?
  • FREE ZONE! (Mary Catherine Gallagher)
  • PIG! (Mimi from the Drew Carey Show... nice costume Josh!!!)
  • The "Leaf" Story...
  • Cheating (Red group during "Name That Tune")
  • The "Upper Deck" on the boat ride back... I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!
  • Hottie Searching on the boat... I wasn't involved, but still...
  • I'm Chandler... From "Friends"...
  • LOOK AT ME!!! I'm wearing a cat mask!!!
  • Leotards... 'nuff said...
  • Look at me!!! I'm an alien! I'm wearing an alien mask!!!
  • Was it cold enough?
  • Mono anyone?!?
  • Dave & Ingrid's stanky feet!!! :)
  • I'm _____ and I'm happy to be back at camp because I can have my teddy bear... :)
  • Where the *uck is Chuck?!?
  • Hey you good guy! :)
  • Don't worry Em, you can always one punch him!
  • You might get away with that in SUMMERLAND... but here in the REAL world...
  • Hey - Owen, when are you coming out of the closet?
  • Hey Karen, do you know, "I Got Rythym?"
Well, that's all I can think of... :)

I figured I'd do a little write-up and maybe an "inside joke" with everyone from the retreat... this might take a bit of space, but still... :)

Will Armstrong (Psycho kid!), Stefanie Boon (the only person I didn't know), Jill Campeau (leave my brother alone when I need to use the internet!!!), Katie Carachelo (such a great voice, I'll hook you up anytime with you know who!), Emily Chapman (point for me, you rock hun, even though your brother is a one punch), Aleris Clarkson (so special to everyone!), Dave Dashevsky (mini me, you complete me!!! stinky feet!), Lori DeLorme (first little sister forever), Catherine Dworak (the KINDEST person I know...), Jen Eden (Summerland hoochie... hehe, but a wonderful spirit!), Ashley Ellis (want a hug?), Heather Fehr (we NEED to get to know each other better!), Katie Field (biggest sports star extrodinaire), Rosa Filipe (extraordinary voice, extraordinary person), Mel Findlater (what to say... sleepover much...?), Katie Gagnon (sorry it took me so long to send your info!), Megan Garson (I'll ride the ferry with you anytime! i love you!), James Graham (incredible friend...), Jessica Harlow (oo-oo! you rock girl!), Aynsley Hobson (no matter what you think, you're da bomb!), Sher Hoiland (joking aside, I love you more than life!!! you're the greatest...), Ariel Hunt-Brondwin (amazing person. I thank you for your talks... I need to talk to you soon!), Sarah Hyde (what to say? you rock! I love your sense of humour... we need to get high soon *on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" that is*), Owen Hyde (you're the greatest kid I know!!!), Elspeth Kennedy (you're great!!! i think you are so cool! thanks for all the e-mails!!!), Chelsea Lake (What can I possibly say? you're the most incredible person I know!!!), Shaz-Marie Lindt-Schultz (so happy you could come... so happy you're working on the magazine!), Leda MacDonald (I don't hate you!!! quit thinking the worst! call me, and don't let me say, "i'll call you back"), Cole MacLean (the best male hugger I know!!!), Brent Mooney (you're a special guy! i'm so happy you're my brother... i love you more than anyone!), Gabrielle Moser (keep strumming guitar girl!!!), Charles Munro (what an awesome dude you are!!! you rock! you can be in my color group anytime!), Breanna Murray (ghetto, you and me, ferry ride with Megan... anytime!!! thanks for the hugs!!! you can always have my shoulder to cry on!), Suzanne Norman-Martin (are you happy you believed me?!?), CJ Osborne (crap! I need to get you a new pair of sunglasses!!!), Cole Panton (quit making so much noise!!! hehe), Kristin Pearse (thanks for the hike!!! I sure did enjoy it!!! i've still got the necklace on!!!), Nicole Place (you're a very cool gal!!! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through the magazine!!!), Chris Pursey (I'm so thrilled that you could come to camp Chris!!! you give the best hugs!!!), Brett Ray (my floor, you can sleep there, anytime!!!), Nicole Roberts (Squampton represent, what more can I say?!?), Emily Rodgers (are you sure you don't hate me??? glad to see you back, and i'll see you soon for sure, whether you like it or not!!!), Adri Searcy (sorry, CRESCENT BEACH, can hardly wait to see your one-act... it's coming up soon!!!), Bob Smith (i like your teddy bear Bob, won't you be MY teddy bear?), Harrison Stevens (coolest guy I know...), Ryan Storry (well... you're from Summerland... but you're still cool, I can hardly wait until you come to Vancouver!!!), Kindra Stowe (don't forget, me and your sister!!!), AJ Talos (it's not 'cause you're white!!!), Karen Taylor (you've got rythym, you've got music, you've got talent, who could ask for anything more? glad you enjoyed yourself!), Jordan Thompson (a big guy, with a bigger heart!!!), Karley Trauzzi (thanks for being special!!!), Carolyne Vallee (I'm *SO* happy you ended up coming!!! LOVE YOU DEARLY!!!), Hayley Voaden (what a sweetheart you are!!!), Lindsay Willet (without a doubt you are one of the most special people I have ever met in my entire life... stay you and PLEASE don't change for anyone!!!), Nathan Wong (sweet moves at the dance!!!), Chloe Wood (you're last on the list, but never last in my heart!!! I hope we can hang out soon...)

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