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Here they are folks- some of my photos from different events in my life! Check them out, just hit your BACK browser to get back here! :)

Camp Rainbow Basic II, 1999

Dave Dashevsky and me doing the Dr. Evil skit... "Mini Me, Stop humping the lazer..."

Two of my most favorite people in the world in one photo!!! Paige Ferriman and Rosie!!!

Two more beautiful girls!!! With girls like this at camp, I'm surprised more guys don't sign up!!! It's Paige & Sher!!!

Sher and me at the banquet very slicked up, and looking ready to par-tay!!! This is also the pic that is on the front page of my site!!!

Jennine's *shhh* Surprise Party Pics

Click here for a pic of Jennine and Me!
Click here to see Jennine's best buddy, Angelique, and Zak Graham!
Click here and see Lisa Acorn and Alyssa (Jennine's little sister) and I performing "Stop" by the Spice Girls!
Click here and see a pic of Lisa Acorn!
Click here to see Bri-Ann!

Pics From Commencement!

Me and My Diploma!

Pics From Mock Tails!

Shal and I on the Runway!

Pics From Camp and Such!

Click here to see some crazy camp kids on a Camp Rainbow meet!
Click here to see Lori and Me!

Click here to see a not-so-great pic of Sarah Hyde and me!

Click here to see Charles and James!

Pics of Just Me!

Click here to see me in black and white!
Click here to see with power!

Just Wacky Pics!

Click here for some CRAZY Brackens!

Pics From CSLC!

Click here to see Cryssy, Janet and I at CSLC '98!

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