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Jessa's 16th Birthday!!!

Well, on September 11th a bunch of us rowdy Camp Rainbow people descended on the McLeod household in Delta to celebrate our buddy Jessica's 16th birthday! :) The night started off with Jessica's friends from school and her Rainbow people chatting it up a bit, but generally staying to their groups... :) The night continued on with fun stuff like, "Quickie Ideas," and "The Musical Game." We got to know a few of Jessica's pals, like Francine the Olympic swimmer, and Dave, the only cool guy at the party. And Joanna (JOEY) who wears Crapee pants, but is still cool enough for us... :) And there was other people we got to know too! :) Overall it was a pretty cool night. We did some reflections and stuff, and of course we danced a lot too! :) Thanks for inviting me to your party Jess!!! :)

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