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Stuff   About   Jennine...

Jennine has like plum colored hair (originally it's blonde, but she dyed it... but now it's fading...) and really nice eyes... I think they're blue... :) She's 15 years old and she was born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer (June 21st.) Some of her fave things are Austin Powers, and Meghan Fulton... :) Hehe... :) Jennine lives in the Highlands and is going into grade 10 next year. Her best friend is Angelique... :)

Pics of Jennine and I

At Her Surprise Party!

Well there are lots of reasons why I think Jennine is so awesome. We used to have super late night phone conversations, we exchange stupendously long e-mails, we have a lot in common (including stupid ex's) as well as numerous other things. I have only known Jennine for like 2 months, but she is so incredibly wonderful that words can't really express how I feel about her. Jennine- you are an awesome person, and I am so happy that I can say I know you. Jennine and I are currently (as of when I am writing this) "seeing each other." Which is lots of fun. Jennine and I have had our share of ups and downs, but I think our relationship has become stronger for it, and I am so thrilled that we're still together. Jennine you're awesome, thanks for all the great memories, past, present and future. I love you dearly! :)

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