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NEWLY UPDATED AS OF: November 10, 1999

Hey again! Here we are, back up and better than ever! Not only have I added some new links to family and friends sites (see the bottom of this page!) But, I have updated my picture site (not new pictures, but a different way of viewing them!), and I've also added a whole page about the 1999 Fall Retreat! Scroll down to check it out! In case you didn't know, I have changed my e-mail to so you can reach me there from now on... :) Also, I am adding a lot of new and exciting features to my website, including movie reviews, where you can review movies and post them for everyone to read!!! As well, as many others!!! Keep checking back! :)

"True Friendship is when two people can sit together in total silence for an hour and still say they had a great time."

Thanks Adri!

I figured it was time to change the pic... although you can still view the old one by clicking here! This one is of Sher and me at Camp... we're JUST friends!!! Okay...? :)

Click here to see what the critics are saying.


Here's Some Shout-Outs, and PLEASE if you're not here don't go into spastic shock! Especially if you don't even have a website to put MY name on!!! :)

    Ally- Maybe this time... :) Hehe
    Dominique- Yay! You're coming over this weekend I am so so so excited!
    Mel- Because I know you check out my site tons!!! :) LOVE YOU! :)
    Adri- You're the bomb girl! :) I love you, don't ever forget it!
    Shal- You're never on-line anymore!!! COME BACK!!! I miss you tons!!! :)

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    >MY PICS!!!

    Now with pics from Camp Rainbow Basic II, 1999

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    Sign my guestbook by clicking here! enter your favorite quote and a message for me, and you could be eligible for a prize!!! As soon as I get 300 guests (I believe at present I have 242) then I will have an on-line poll to see my viewers favorites and then you'll win a prize!!!

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    I thought, I'd start this new feature of my site so I don't have to constantly update my favorites section... this will include fave songs, people, tv shows and such... :) I will try and update this AT LEAST once a week, so please keep checking back here! :)

    Fave Songs

    • What's My Age Again? - Blink 182
    • UnPretty - TLC
    • Strange Disease - Prozzak
    • All-Star - Smash Mouth

    Fave Television Shows

    • Student Bodies
    • That 70s Show
    • Friends
    • The Rosie O'Donnell Show
    • Saturday Night Live
    • Politically Incorrect

    Fave Movies

    • The Blair Witch Project
    • FootLoose
    • Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me

    Check    Out    What's    Going    On!    :)

    My Pals

    The Brackendale Posse!
    Peeps From Da Hoof!

    My Favourites

    Television Shows

    Good Times

    The One At Jessica McLeod's 16th Birthday
    This One Time... At Stardust... :)

    My Experiences

    Camp (as a camper)
    British Columbia Youth Police Network (BCYPN)
    The 1999 Camp Rainbow Fall Retreat!

    Stuff I Enjoy



    My Writing


    My Plays

    This Is A Test

    Mel's Site: My good buddy Mel's site!!! :) Check it out!!! :)
    Rainbow Youth Excellence Society: This is the site I work on for Camp Rainbow!!! :) Check it out please!!! :)
    James's Site: James Graham's site!!! It rocks! So check it out! :)
    Douglas College: Hopefully this is where I'll be going in January! :)
    Kaarina's Website!: This is my cousin Kaarina's site... it has some about her, and a lot about her favorite obsession... the BackStreet Boys! :)
    CowChildren: This is Gabrielle's sister, Briget's, website and it's all about Cow Children... I'm not quite sure what they are, but the site is really groovy, so I suggest you check it out!

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