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The    Female    Contestants

Anna Pacquin

Christina Ricci

Claire Danes

Danielle Fishel

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jodie Sweetin

Kirstin Dunst

Katie Holmes

Lacey Chabert

Larisa Oleynik

Marla Sokoloff

Michelle Williams

Natalie Portman

Rachel Leigh Cook

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Tatyana M. Ali

Thora Birch

The   Male   Contestants

Seth Green

James Van Der Beek

Josh Jackson

Rider Strong

Scott Wolf

Ryan Phillipe

Freddy Prinze Jr.

Grease   Is   The   Word...   again?

Hey all! :) Well, I was bored and wanting to bring in more traffic to my website, so I figured, I'd have a survey.

I was curious who you would like to see play the characters if they were to do a remake of the 70s classic, "Grease." I've included a few photos from the original to make sure you know who the characters were, and I've also included photos of the "contestants" to the left of the page. So, pick your characters and actors and vote below! :) Please pass this site onto all your friends too, I'm going for 1000 Votes!!!

Top: Sandy, Danny, Kenickie, Rizzo
Middle: Jan, Marty, Putzie, Frenchy, Doody
Bottom: Sonny

Also, vote for who you'd like to see as Patty Simcox, the head cheerleader! :)

Let Me Know Who You'd Like To See
In a Remake of Grease!
What's your name?

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Choose Your Favorite Sandy:

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Choose Your Favorite Patty?:

Choose Your Favorite Danny?:

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Choose Your Favorite Sonny?:

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Choose Your Favorite Doody?:

What Do You Think About This Whole Thing?


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