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Welcome to "DA HOOF!"

Well, I have a bunch of friends in Vanderhoof, most of them from camp, so I figured I should maybe write up some of them on here! :)


Josh is just one of those truly unique (DIG!) and amazing people that comes along very rarely in one's lifetime... :) I had the utmost pleasure to work with Josh twice this summer at Rainbow - and I was so thrilled! Josh - you are so special to me and so special to so many people in the Rainbow program! :) You Rawk my friend! :) Thanks for being so special and so great when I was in Vanderhoof! :)


Paigey, you are so so so so so so cool! :) I love you so much, and I miss you so much! :) Thank you for being such a fun and amazing friend over the past few weeks! :) I miss your hugs and I miss your cuddling (especially from 10 - 11 at night!) You are so special to me and so special to me!!! :) I think one of the greatest things about you is that you can see the good in anyone (and I do mean anyone, you know exactly who I am talking about!!!) Thanks for being a friend! :) I love & miss you! :)


They should add a frickin' "n" on the end of your name and then you could be A-Damn!!! :) You are such a cool guy - I have to admit you scared me at first, just because you are so brawny, but now that I know you I realise how great and special you are!!! I think you're really neat, and I feel so happy that I can call you a friend! :) You are also very talented on the guitar... thanks for being so cool! :) Two last things - power bar wrapper & "hey - can I write ya a song???" I'm still waiting for my song jerk-off! :) Ha Ha! :)


Well, my dear, I guess you're next... what to say? What to say? First of all, I know I wasn't the nicest to you when I was in Vanderhoof - but you have to understand that I think you are incredible. The thoughts & ideas that you and I shared for endless hours on the phone at night, meant SO SO SO much to me. I want you to know that whatever I said, or however I treated you, was a mistake, and I aplogize profusely for it. You mean a lot to me, and I hope I didn't hurt you. Thanks for being there! I miss our conversations - but maybe one day we will be able to talk again, for hours...


Tara Tara Tara... what to say? I thought you were going to be loud and annoying - how wrong I was... :) You are incredible! :) I am so thrilled that I got a chance to know you better!!! You rock! :) You were so much fun to be around at camp and as I hung out in Vanderhoof... thank you so much for being there when I needed someone to talk to and for sharing your thoughts and feelings when we exchange e-mails!!! :) You rock! :)


Richard, how cool are you? VERY COOL! :) Hehe... you say so much with a simple phrase, and I am so happy that I could stay at your house when I was in Vanderhoof. You are a great person and not to mention god darn funny as hell!!! :) How much could I say...? Thanks for the use of your guest room as well as the use (the MAJOR use) of your internet... you are a great guy, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that!!! :)


Rosa!!! :) What can I say except, damn girl you've got some talent! :) Not only are you an amazing singer and writer, but you are an amazing person, both inside and out... :) I feel SO privaledged that I know you! Because, I know that one day you are going to become frickin' famous, and I'll be at home watching the Grammy Awards, and i'll be like, " I counselled her at summer camp," and everyone else in the asylum will be like, "Shut the hell up moron!"


Laney... what to say? What to say? I hardly know you, but I feel like I've known you all my life! :) But besides that you are a beautiful person, both inside and out... I am so happy we got a picture together AND that I have your student ID card, it's on the bulliten board in my room! :) Don't think I'm a stalker, although I must admit that I am... ;) I can hardly wait to see you at Christmas!!! Keep up all the amazing stuff you are doing with acting and drama, and I'll cast you in a play one day!!! :) I love you.

So, I'm not quite sure what they have in the water in Vanderhoof, but these people are DAYEM fine!!! :) And amazingly wonderful too! :) Thanks for the memories, and hopefully more to come y'all! :) See ya soon! :)

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