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Go Curt Lightnin'

Go Curt Lightnin' your burnin' up the 1/4 mile!!! Curtis is a 17 year old car-driving, McWorkin', bo bandit lovin' pal of mine.

What can I possibly say about someone who is as cool as Curtis is? We have had some really cool times together, such as Expofest '96 where we were elevator operators, except for the fact that Curt kept hitting on this chick that I like to call the BO Bandit! :) Member her Curt? We've also had some fun times doing theatre stuff such as A Friend For Christmas and Scrooge with our buddies, Louisa and Jens... :) Curt works at McDonalds and is our resident Lobby Guy, that means he ALWAYS works in lobby! :) Curtis and I have been good buds since grade 8 when we first met in Mr. Mastro's class. From Watching such great movies as Senior Debating and Monster Truck Videos Curtis is an all-around great guy. He dated a certain potato bitch, but we won't go there 'cause it is a very touchy subject for both of us, right Curt? Oh yah, we also went to see Grease together... speaking of Grease Curtis' grade 9 nickname was Greased Lightinin' 'cause of his super-slick hair, right pal? I still say you shoulda gotten the lead!


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