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A Tribute to Some of the Amazing CSLC People...

Here, I have decided to make a tribute to some of the amazing and wonderful people I met at CSLC 1998...

Michelle Jones

I start with Michelle because she is one of the first people I met at the airport on that sunny Saturday afternoon. She is an amazing person and defintely a dynamic leader... Michelle you know you light up my life, and you are so cool... I will be your object forever!

Illiah Lorenz

Well, Illiah and I met on the Quebec bus on the way up to Whistler and that was cool, we clicked though when I found out she played Jan in Grease (you see I played Roger, Jan's boyfriend) Illiah is kinda short, but that's okay 'cause for what she lacks in height she makes up in personality... Illiah your the best!

Well, CSLC 1998 was just another one of my wonderful experiances that I have been blessed with in my life... I have decided to put this page here to pay homage to some of the wonderful people I met at one of the best confrences I have ever attended. I am also currently working on a CSLC webpage, kind a on-line yearbook, but we'll see... for now this will have to do.