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Well, Chicago is one of the funnest and funniest musicals I have ever seen. I saw it twice, both times being at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC. Both times I sat quite close. The first time, opening night, Alena and I were in the sixth row. It was a really great show. Outstanding stand-outs were the guy who played Billy Flynn with his mouthful of piano-key teeth... :) And also, the actor who played Mary Sunshine... :) Outstanding work I'd say! :) Really enjoyable. After the show Alena and I went to the stage door and I met most of the cast (except for the lady who played Velma) and they were all really nice, once again the guy who played Mary Sunshine was a super great guy! :) I really enjoyed this show so much that I decided to go a second time with Adrian and Rosemary. Adrian and I ended up waiting in line from 11:00 am to about 5:00pm when Rosemary finally showed up to get cheap seats. We were the first people in line and ended up getting front row! :) At the end of the show the characters throw out "roses" to the audience and we all got one!!! :) I also got a Chicago hat and Chicago shirt. I really liked Chicago, and I rank it on my five fave musicals list! :)

Well, I may as well relate the story of Chicago. It all begins with Velma Kelly singing about, "All That Jazz," we then meet Roxie Hart who is fooling around behind her husbands (Amos) back. She kills her lover (Fred Casely) and then trys to convince Amos to lie to the police (Funny Honey.) Amos finds out the truth and tells the police all about his "loving wife" and she gets sent to jail where she meets the Merry Murderess of the Cook County Jailhouse (Cell Block Tango), Matron "Mama" Morton (When You're Good To Mama), Billy Flynn (All I Care About) and Mary Sunshine (A Bit of Good). These characters are all intertwined and finally the "truth" comes out and both Roxy and Velma are freed. Other classic songs include, "Mr. Cellophane," "Me and My Baby," and the "Hot Honey Rag."