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Camp Rainbow

This camp is the best... it is a leadership sponsored by Rainbow Youth Excellence Society (RYES)I went in the summer of 1997 and had the best time of my life. I'll tell you a bit about our week at camp. We did everything from Kyaking to a talent Show (Go Greased Lightnin') to Rope Climbing to hiking a HUGE mountain. This camp rocks in every sense of the word! It was wicked! Would you like more info? Do you think you might have what it takes to go to Camp Rainbow? Just e-mail for info! Or you can just e-mail me I would love to share some experiences!!!

Basic    Camp

This is a shout-out to all those at Camp Rainbow 1997 Week #2! I remember you all! To Cabin #10 you guys are the best! (I'm sure few, if none of you are going to be reading this, ever!) Remember the late night talks about water buffalos and twins... to the orange group (The OG's) and all our shraing sessions! TO the greatest counsellors (that would be all of you!!!) Sarah, Ericka, Courtenay, all of ya! I miss ya all! Keep In Touch! Make sure you do! Always Remember Never Forget (That was our saying for the week!)

Advanced    Camp

Well, once again I had the absoloute pleasure of attending the best camp in the world, Camp Rainbow. I am amazed every single time I go to this camp. The people are so amazing, the energy is awesome and there is only one way to describe the Rainbow experience and that is "INCREDIBLE!!!" The week flew by so fast, but it seemed like we all have known each other forever. I love this camp and definately reccomend it to anyone and everyone in the world. Thanks to everyone for making this week one of the best ones of my life! On this page I hope to leave a little message for each of you. Thanks again, keep the rainbow alive!

A Note To Each Of My Fellow Campers...

Well, here it is... it is sure gonna take up a ton of space, but it's worth it. You are each special in your own ways and for that I am here to recognize you. Here goes, in alphabetical order...

Rachel Carter: Well, what to say about Rachel. Rachel you are an awesome person because you stick up for your friends. Thanks so much for everything you did throughout the week. I think you also handled a certain situation quite well.

Sarah Coll: Sarah is one of those truly great people that you can just talk to for hours. Sarah is a really cool girl who goes to a private school. Like me, Sarah enjoys acting and making a fool of herself in front of many people. Sarah was also on the Evening Activities committee with myself and helped out with the Talent Show (More Below) Sarah... you know your special to me!

Lori DeLorme: Lori is a cutie patootie and that is the only way I know how to describe her. She is like a little sister to me. She has the cutest smile, voice and laugh, and she is also very short. *Sorry Lor, I just had to put that in!* She is another one of those awesome Evening Activities people and has a love for life ... among other things ;) Anyways, Lori and I went to Basic together as well as a Grizzlies Game. Keep smiling Lori!

Alyssa Denis: Alyssa... hmm... I really don't know what to say. Alyssa is awesome, one of those people you find it hard not to like. Alyssa and I became very close at camp. Alyssa is from Golden and I am going to visit her in the summer, hopefully. In fact I hear they are going to have a big party just for me! :) Alyssa... you know you mean a lot to me... thanks for everything, I will never ever forget you. Truly Madly Deeply... you rock the world... thanks for always being there at camp...!!! I meant everything I said!

Sean Dragomir: Well, Sean, I relaly didn't spend all that much time with you at camp, but I was totally shocked with the whole Spice Girl thing. It was truly awesome and you deserve a lot of credit for doing that, taking that risk. Thanks so much, and next time you and S*U*M*I*K*O are together, please try and keep it down! :) :) :)

Brian Fredericks: Boy, you are one cool cat, and real slick with the ladies. Even though you look a tad like Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, that's ok, 'cause you are cool. Here's some words of advice for you though: "If you got more than one, you ain't got none!" I am pretty sure you know what I mean. Keep up the personality 'cause it's cool!

Danny Fredericks: Danny... man I wish I could be like you when I was younger. Your a real cool kid and don't let anyone EVER tell you differently. Your a real nice guy and definately a mack when it comes to the ladies. Sorry it didn't work out with ???? but I guess sometimes in life we don't always get what we want! Please keep in touch 'cause you are cool!

Ashley Freeborn: All I have to say about you girl is DAMN! You are a very beautiful and talented young lady. You have an awesome voice. I have to admit, you kind of scared me at reunion, I thought, wow this girl is too pretty to talk to me, but I was wrong (not about you being too pretty, but well... you know!) Anyways, thanks for giving me a confidence booster all week. Keep In touch!

Mike Garson: Cabin 1 Buddy, thanks for everything, the laughs, the good times, you know, everything. I am really happy that your secret friend was nice to you. Your a real great guy and it was awesome getting to know you. I hope you always remember me.

Rina Jeykumar: Rina is small, but her heart isn't. She's a real cool person. I love her voice 'cause it's beautiful. She also goes to Ashley's school, they are both real cool people. Rina always compliments me saying that I am sweet, and Rina you are super cool. I love ya and think your cool!

Travis King: Travis also went to my basic and I think he's a real cool guy. Travis, you're a real nice guy and you know how to treat the ladies. Thanks for being so great and thanks for all the help on the evening activities commitee! You did awesome as one of the Spice Girls!

Stephanie Lapointe: Stephy is so great. She's a real cool girl with a big heart. I truly love her. She's so wonderful when you just need to sit around and talk to someone she'll always be there for you. Steph goes to a certain snobby school, but that's ok 'cause she is totally not a snob. She was also at my basic!

Adrian Loelke: Adrian is a real nice guy. He was in cabin one with me. He's a real great person. Adrian, you really, seriously need to cut down on the coffee. For those of you who have no clue what I mean, Adrian drank a ton of coffee on our sleepover night and he was WIRED to say the least! Adrian, keep in touch!

Trevor Lysek: Trevor was in my color group and is on eof the most amazing people I met at camp. I have hardly ever meet someone with such a love for life. He is such a cool guy. Trevor... if you read this I want you to know that I look up to you. You are someone who really never is afraid to speak your mind and I think that is cool!

Val McKinnon: What to say about Val except ... awesome! Val, you kept the camp alive all week with your outgoing personality and your voice. Val and I did the Grease Megamix together and did a kick ass job if I do say so myself. Val... you and I have to be counsellors one day to carry on the Grease tradition. you are wonderful and truly great to be around. You light up the room when your around!

Sarah McNeil: Although, I must say that I may not have treated her like it this week, Sarah is one of my greatest friends. Sarah, I love you for you. You are such an incredible individual full of intelligence and full of stuff to say and share. Thanks for keeping me in line all week (or at least trying to!)

Megan Millar: Megan, you are a hero. You are smart and have such a wonderful way with words. You are an inspiration to a lot of people. You are gorgeous and Jeremy was right. :) I am so totally embarassed about what I said... thanks for being so awesome in Reflections! Keep smiling and watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Nicholas Neil: How's the arm? I hope you are doing awesome Nick. Your a real great guy. You have a wonderful way of making people feel good about themselves. I really feel bad 'cause I feel like I was the reason you sprained your arm. Keep treating the ladies right!

Jeremy Oberg: Jeremy... you know how I feel about you and I wish I could write down the truth about it, but unfortunately I can't.... :) Anyways, you always compalin that I don't think of you as a friend 'cause I don't have you on here, well here you are. You know I think your awesome and a really good friend and I promise to keep in touch better from now on. Thanks for all the laughs at camp and remember, your not shy!

Erik Pedersen: What to say except, sorry. For everything Erik, your unique, but I shouldn't have been so mean.

Katherine Remmer: Katherine, Your a real nice girl, I am sorry what happened had to happen. Thanks for singing my song with me.

Sumiko Sakiyama: Sumiko, you are beautiful inside and out.... thanks for all the hugs and smiles all week long. You are a very special person, please keep in touch! Next time at the sleepover, try and be a little more discreet, ok? Love you always.

Jaclyn Smith: Jackie Chan... you are so wonderful. I think you have got to be one of the sweetest people in the world. You were a wonderful person to hang out with all week. Thanks for all of it! Make sure you try and update your page more often, 'cause I love your page. I hope you have fond memories of me, 'cause I definately have fond memories of you. Thanks for all the good times.

Don Speck: Don... i'm sorry that you weren't with us longer. Thanks for the smiles.

Ericka Stephens: Ericka, thanks for being you. Your a wonderful person with so much to offer everyone. Thanks so much for what you said to me in reflections, it meant a lot to me. I never knew you though that much of me. I think your real great too and thanks for always being there and trying to make everyone as happy as possible. I meant what I said to you too. Anytime you need to talk, make sure you call, write or e-mail!

Tolek Strukoff: My first impression of you Tolek was a big dumb jock. How wrong I was. You showed me a lot. Thanks for helping me fulfill my little skit idea. You were hilarious in the Spice Girls thing! Thanks a lot for being able to laugh. You're a real smart kid and I hope that i'll be able to see you sometime soon, perhaps in the summer?

Mares Styranka: Mares, you are beautiful. I think you are one of the cutest people in the world. You have a beautiful smile and a wonderful personality. You were one of the brightest people at camp. Thanks for everything... keep going at what your doing 'cause you aare so cool... I love your new boots :)

This was a little message to everyone single camper at the camp. Gosh, this took me a long time, but it was worth it!

The Counsellors...

And you thought it would be over... how could I forget the most wonderful of all wonderful people at camp? The staff... you all have made a huge impact on my life... I look up to each and everyone of you for different reasons... here goes your personal notes...

Kim Emsley-Leik: Kim, all I have to say is I GOT YOU AGAIN! I put Kim's underwear up the flagpole for the second time. Ha Ha... but seriously, Kim, I am upset you didn't strip for us this time, it was the only reason I came to camp! :) Kim, your a wonderful person with a lot to share, I think it's cool how you have such a wonderful way of talking to people. Thanks for all the hugs and late night visits! ~Wink...~

Jen Hughes: What did you do to your hair? I love it. Jen, you rock! Thanks for all the wonderful things you wrote to me in my weekbook and thanks for being an awesome counsellor. Your cool. I really respect you for some of the stuff you stand up for and believe in and thanks for always being there for a hug or when I needed to talk. I think your great and I can't wait to see you again!

Scott Mack: Scott, you don't have to tell me how absoloutely upset you were that I wasn't in your cabin this time. :) Who does your hair? It's cool. Thanks a lot for all the stuff you do for camp, including form letters. Your a nice guy and it was a real pleasure to see you again at advanced. Your super funny and do an awesome Austin Powers impression, ya Baby, ya! Thanks for just being you!

Dave Pearn: First of all Dave, thank you so much for stopping the dangerous stuff you sued to do (like hanging your head out of car windows!) Your too much of a great counsellor for us to lose! Your a wonderful person to talk to and I really would like to thank you for being such a excellent counsellor. I hope you don't retire too soon, I hope to be a counsellor with you one day! Thanks again, see you at Grease!

Michelle Steele: Michelle, thanks for everything. You totally rule. I love the fact that you have such a way with words and have a way to impact people in such a positive way. I truly know that you care about us as young people. I loved our daily insights 'cause they truly made me think about the way I look and handle my life. Your a real mentor to a lot of people, including myself and I hope one day I can be just like you! Wouldn't I make a good counsellor???!!!??? :)

Chantille Viaud: Chantille, one of my color group leaders, you are so beautiful inside and out. You have such a love for life it makes me feel good to say that I know you. Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart and for giving me hugs when I needed them and letting me have a ear to yack into when I needed that to. I am so happy that you are my girlfriend :) Well, at least that's what it says on the back of your picture. Please keep in touch and I hope I can be a counsellor with you someday too!

Kathy Yeung: Kathy, I love your bat sounds and I love you. Thanks so much for having the strength to get through some of our Evening activities meetings. I have a lot of respect for you. You are definately an awesome individual. Thanks for the little talk we had that day, it meant a lot to me and so do you, so you'd better keep in touch or else i'll have to kick your butt!!! I hope to see you soon, I hope you hope to see me soon too!

Jonathan "Melvin" Zemliak: Jon, you're cool. Although I hate you and am mostly gonna fill this space with crap that I don't even really mean ... Just joking, seriously Jon, you are a real mentor to me. I mean it. You're a very good sport and someone that a lot of us admire. I don't know if I could still laugh at having salt poured in my drink, my boxers put up the flagpole, having been hit time after time after time... but thanks, 'cause you made us laugh. You were an awesome color group leader!!!

And that, ladies and gentleman is the Counsellor Roster from Advanced Camp 1998!!!

Links    From    Camp

Well, on April 3rd, we had a little camp get together, it was AWESOME! :) So much fun! :) hehe... Anyways- we will probably be having more soon... :)

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