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My   Brackendale   Crew!

I figured I should write something on all these guys and chicas because I have been spending a lot of time with them lately!!! :) So, here goes, I didn't do a page on each of them or anything 'cause that would take... like... forever!!! :)


Jennine- never forget all the great times so far, from Star Search (Hit me Baby One More Time) to Tarzan, and hopefully- Austin Powers it's been loads of fun, and there's still so many good times to come! I love you dear! :) You're the best, thanks for always being there and thank you for wearing Vanilla because you know it drives me crazy!!!! :) You're the best, and I am so happy that we are so close and although we're not together anymore, your friendship still does mean a lot to me, and I hope that mine means something to you too. Thank you for a very special time, and for hopefully many more special times! :)


Kelsey Biln is like one of those amazing people that you just have to know... well her whole family is! They are eternally cheerful... I think her family is one if the nicest in the world... :) Anyways- Kelsey and I met... well... I dunno when, a long time ago and since then we have been the bestest of best friends. Whenever I see her she always greets me with a huge hug and a warm smile! :) Kelsey- you're an awesome person and what you wrote in my grad card, "Thank you for letting me be a part of your life," goes ditto for you! Thank you for everything! :) Luv you too! :)


Well my little McBuddy, Emily what can I say 'cept that you're awesome! :) Thanks for always being so cheerful at work and everywhere else I see you! Thanks for the flowers at Star Search too! :) You're a real sweetheart and someday are going to make a boy very happy! :) (Why can't it be Ty??? hehe) Anyways~ thanks for always being so cheerful and for all the great hugs, you are one of the best hug-givers I have ever met in my entire life!!! You rock! :)


Well, I have known James for a long time, but we have not always been as close as I believe we are now, but that of course is thanks to Camp... but that's a whole other story! :) James and I have been through some funny stuff lately, from New York to birthday parties James and I just can't seem to stay outta trouble! :) James- you're a really great guy and I am happy that I can now call you my friend! :)


Besides picking up dirty boys on the internet Bri-Ann loves to spend her time getting into trouble and stealing bowling balls... Bri-Ann is one of those cheerful people who is always happy, except when she's not! :) Hehe... :) Bri-Ann and I met through work mostly, but also through her older sister, Andrea... I feel it's been a pleasure getting to know her and I love the fact that she has become really close friends with my buddy Josh in the city!!! :)


Lisa is one of the coolest people I know! She's such an amazing person, and I love her! :) She rocks! She's going out with this guy Kris, and he is pretty cool too... :) Lisa and I have had some good times, whether it be hanging out being cool at the Trade Fair, or SPY meetings Lisa is always there for a good laugh!!! :) Lisa, thanks for being such a great person and a real good friend! :) You're awesome! :) Thanks for coming to Star Search! Besides that, a little addition is that Lisa will soon be becoming my sister in law, which I thought you would all be interested in knowing!!! :) Lisa- you're kick ass, thanks for keeping me on my toes!


Hey Jenny! :) What's happenin? Are you happy now? You're on my site? What can I say about Jenny B? We work together at McDonalds... fun fun fun... we like to make fun of the management and of course our fellow employees... Jen always likes to hear the gossip, and of course she can always hear it from me. Jen is a super huggable person, and one that I am so glad that I can call my friend... :) She's great! :) I'll miss her late night ICQ talks and pinchable cheeks (and I don't mean the ones on her face!) :) Haha... :) Click here for a pic of Jen!


What to say about Danielle? I don't know her that well, but I'm putting her up here 'cause she's cool. Danielle is a super spiffy person that I met at Jennine's B-Day party. We like to hang out all the time though! :) Haha... actually we've only hung out twice (the b-day party and we went for ice cream with Jenny B!) Well, Danielle and I have become kinda close through e-mail, and I think that's great. We had a lot of fun at Metrotown although we won't be shopping at ALDO anytime soon, right Danielle? And don't forget to watch out for those Mutant Sharks!!! :) Are you sure your back doesn't hurt? You have great taste! :) Hehe... anyways, that was about four inside jokes in one... but seriously, Danielle is cool and I'm glad she finally came to an understanding about a certain guy with the same name as me, but our similarities only go that far!


Well- I don't really know Crystal that well in real life, but we chat a lot on the net, and she seems super sweet and nice! :) I'm glad that she filled out my request for a girlfriend search thing! :) That's how we met... anyways- she seems great and really nice... and although I'm not exactly sure if her name is Crystal or Stephanie (heheh) she seems really neat! She also has a thing for Flying Lemons- but I'm sure that she'll tell you much more info on that than I ever could!!! :)

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