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British Columbia Youth Police Network!

When I first went to the BCYPN at Camp Elhinstone in March of 1998, I was, to say the least, scared. I mean I was here with only one person I knew and there was 400 others here. I was never going to make friends, I though to myself, how wrong I was. Although it was slow going at first, I found that my shyness melted away and I could be myself. Not only did I get lots of ideas and information from BCYPN, but I also met some great friends, whom I am sure will be with me for a lifetime. On this page you will find links and info on BCYPN as well as some interesting little stories. I dedicate this page to Cabin #14, the best cabin in the world, to our counter-part, Cabin #11. I dedicate it to everyone who helped out, the sell-outs, my fellow Greasers, my best guy bud, Allan and of course, Lisa, my partner in crime. :) I hope you all enjoy the page!

This part of my page I wish to dedicate to the best cabin in the world, the cabin 14 boys rock forever. You guys are all great. Here's a little message for each of you... Allan... my best bud, I'll remember you always, thanks for the advice and help! Corey... your a great kid, I really think you should keep in touch with Rosemary because I think she's hot for your bod... Josh (EGO MAN:) Your a great kid, what happened to you should NEVER have happened, and don't judge all women by that one bad one! Murray, man oh man, don't worry about your girl, she will be yours one day, it's all good!Josh (Armstrong #2) your a great guy, and I'm sorry Lisa started dancing with me for that song, but trust me, I needed her there! Wayne (Armstrong #1) I totally recognize why you like Melissa... she's awesome, hopefully one day you'll get your wish, but until then, keep trying! Keith and Zahur... you guys are the greatest, thanks for the window-shattering snoring and the great times... Alex... I didn't get to know you well, but you seem nice, and I am sure you are an awesome rugby playa!

This part has got to be dedicated to all the sell-outs from the Grease Megamix... we did it awesome without you all. Your all great though... especially Kim, I don't know if you'll ever read this, but your a great girl, don't ever let anyone tell you different! Your fun to be around and an awesome dancer. Keep up your upbeat personailty, and never change, for ANYONE!

Of course, the most important person I met at camp was the wonderful, Lisa. Lisa, you are an inspiration, and I am sure Colin is definately one of the most lucky guys on the planet. Anytime you need someone to talk, please do not ever hesitate to call me, you have my number. Your a great person. I totally nenjoyed all our time together... I hope you and I will keep in touch for always and forever. I Luv Ya Kid! Your so mature! *For those of you who are curious, Lisa is one damn good dancer and Capture the Flag player ;)*

I may as well let you know about getting involved. You are totally invited to start your own Youth Action Team at your school. There are many different activities you can plan, such as bringing a theatre troupe to your school such as 841 KOZ, TROO or TCO2, you can plan lots of different stuff, all you hafta do it talk to you counsellors at your school and find out who your regional director is, every school is British Columbia has one, they are all really great people and i'm sure they'd all love to get involved. Or you can e-mail me at and i'll get you some info. Thanks a lot!

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