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Amanda and I met for the first time on New Years Day 1999 on #Vancouver on UNDERNET on irc. She's a super cool person! Since then we have exchanged tons of e-mail among many IRC & ICQ conversations. When I was in Vancouver for Spring Break we chatted it up on the phone. Amanda is 15, but let me tell you she is WAY MORE mature than her age leads her to be! I was like, "Are you 15 or 50?" But, besides that she is an amazing listener and a very good friend to have. She is also an acomplished writer and has had her work published. She also loves to sing, which is definitely a plus in my books! :) Love ya Manda!

Well, that's Amanda there. She is also a twin! Her baby sister (hehe) is super cool too and we have chats all the time... :)

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